Tone Feeling Amplifier


Vibrations add an extra dimension to live music, enhancing the sensory experience while respecting its nature.


Skin Sound

The pulses resonate through the metal mesh. Our skin acts like the ear in that it responds to variation of touch such as a light tap, pressure, or pain. Receptors could “hear” different frequencies, but nothing above 1000 hertz. 

The exciters are controlled by potentiometers which are programmed to range from 20-500 Hertz. 

hand top view.jpg


Similar to the silent disco experiential model the haptic units can be provided for production teams at events like a music festival.

silent disco.jpg

Trigger Point Exploration

Below is a modification of a massage therapy bed that included 10 haptic motors. This model was used to test and discover trigger points on the body. 



1. The body can be triggered to affect it's bodily rhythm.

2. Fore arms and waist are most comfortable to actuate due to familiarity. 

3. Group synchronization creates a loss of inhibition.

trigger points-01.jpg
pulse diagram-01.jpg


internal components.jpg
mock ups.jpg